Client Spotlight

We enjoying featuring our amazing clients, who give us a brief insight into how their treatments at Embody help them!


Who are you and what do you do?  Medea Jones, Year 12 student at Papamoa College. I have been a competitive gymnast for 12 years and recently began training/competing in Olympic Weightlifting last February.

I do a bit of Crossfit training too.

Which therapist do you see?  Teresa Karam.

Teresa is really nice, and even though I’m young, she always makes me feel comfortable.  She is really attentive to what my body needs every session.

How do your massages at Embody help?  Massages help to relieve tightness that develops in my muscles.  They also help me heal from minor injuries by increasing blood flow to those areas.

During the competitive gymnastics season I sometimes competed two or three weekends a month, and the massages really helped me get through those busy training/competition cycles.


Any other ‘free range’ comments?  Massages are really nice and calming mentally, too. I always leave my session feeling refreshed and re-focused for the week.

Massages are great for everyone no matter how old you are.  😊


Fiona COM.png

Who are you and what do you do?  Fiona Keegan - Officer Manager at Page Macrae Engineering and a competitive indoor bowler.

Which therapist do you see? Teresa

How do your massages at Embody help? Keeps me in competition form and irons out any muscle tension.

Any other ‘free range’ comments?

I started seeing Teresa when I was having tennis elbow problems and was diagnosed with Tietze syndrome.  I had also been chosen to play for NZ against Australia in indoor bowls and the tennis elbow was causing aching and making my bowling arm weak.  After a few rounds of dry needling and massage, my tennis elbow was basically no longer and the arm strength increased and hasn't caused me any major problems since.  Also with regular massages, the Tietze syndrome has subsided.  Teresa is amazing with her hands and sorts out any knots and muscle tightness - I would highly recommend her to anyone.


COM Bill.png

Who are you and what do you do?  Bill Webb - Director of Webb Feed Solutions

Which therapist do you see? Ashleigh

How do your massages at Embody help? Keeps me moving to get on with the job!

Any other ‘free range’ comments?

After getting work done on my sore back by my physio, they recommended I get regular deep tissue massage, as it seemed to be the only thing helping me.  So after going to quite a few therapists, I came across Ashleigh at Embody, and found she does the best deep tissue massage I have ever experienced!  Really gets in there and sorts out all my knots and tight muscles.  I would recommend her highly for sorting out any aches and pains 10/10.

John & Lorraine


Who are you and what do you do?  We are Lorraine and John and we are retired and living in paradise!!

Which therapist do you see?


How do your massages at Embody help?

Our regular massages ensure that we keep active, pain free and iron out 'crinks.'

Any other ‘free range’ comments?

Before we met Teresa, we had tried for some years to find someone as good as our previous massage therapist in Wellington.  She is very professional and has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and amazing skills.


Photo Jo P.jpeg

Who are you and what do you do?  Jo Pitkethley, Customer Service, Pukepine Sawmills

Which therapist do you see?

I just choose the time that suits me and I am more than happy to get any one of Teresa, Ashleigh or Ryan.  While they each have slightly different styles, the quality of massage is always excellent.  They all offer professional, thorough and beneficial massage.

How do your massages at Embody help?

My fitness is more important to me now than it has ever been, and I believe regular massage helps me stay in good shape for training.

Any other ‘free range’ comments?

 I feel very fortunate to have found them.  Sports massage to me if a key ingredient to living well and Teresa and her team offer a wonderful local service.  I book on line so it couldn't be more simple.


Dee Lack.JPG

Who are you and what do you do?

Deirdre O’Donnell  - Police officer who trains twice daily for the sport of triathlon, competing at age group level.

Which therapist do you see? Ashleigh Davidson

How do your massages at Embody help?

I place a lot of stress on my body physically with my training and historically have had many injuries. Seeing Ashleigh on a weekly basis has meant that my body is less sore and means that I can complete my daily workouts without having to miss a day through being too sore or injured.

Any other ‘free range’ comments?

Ashleigh gives a true sports massage, she is firm and can find the tight areas and knots in the muscles, she knows from week to week where my problems are and continues to give these areas weekly maintenance. Ash keeps me going and is the greatest masseur I have had, along with a lovely personality and nature. Embody Massage is my saviour!!!



Who are you & what do you do?
Rich Farrell aka The Madness Strongman. I operate the local Strongman/Powerlifting gym, Lift Lounge in Papamoa.


Which Therapist do you see?  Teresa


How do your massages help?
I am the resident Strongman in Papamoa. I compete around the country in both Strongman and Powerlifting competitions. With all the training that goes into preparing for competition my body gets pretty beaten up. These guys keep me moving.


Any other free range comments?
Teresa and the team manage to keep this old body moving with their magic hands.
If you need to get those aches and pains out of your muscles this team has the goods.