Sports, deep tissue, therapeutic, dry needling, trigger point therapy, cupping, neuromuscular therapy or relaxation....which one shall I choose?  Well, you don't have to!  We have the expertise to design your massage experience to give you the best possible outcome.  This may also include a treatment plan and homecare advice to maximise your results.


Clinical massage therapy can also be complimentary to Chiropractic, Osteo or Physio and we often work in conjunction with other healthcare providers.  We may suggest a referral if necessary to ensure you receive the safest and most appropriate care.  In some cases we may ask for approval to conduct treatments from your GP or healthcare specialist.

See below for additional specialist services and treatment enhancers.


90minutes: $120     60minutes: $90     45minutes: $74     30minutes: $60     Hot Stone $100
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Dry Needling

Dry needling is minimally invasive and uses Chinese Acupuncture needles to treat muscular-skeletal pain, and can easily be incorporated into your massage treatment if desired.  It is very effective for releasing those nasty painful trigger points, as the needle can penetrate deeper into the muscle than the therapist's thumb or elbow.  Needles may also be placed in other areas and/or corresponding muscles to increase healing.  Needling may elicit a localised “twitch response” which indicates the needle is in the right spot.  Any discomfort usually decreases while the needle is in place – much the same as a neuro-muscular trigger point when static pressure is applied.


Myo-fascial Cupping

Do you remember seeing Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps with large red-purple spots on his shoulders and back?  That's cupping!  Cupping, like massage, is an ancient form of therapy where different types of cups are applied to the body creating suction which draws up stagnant blood. This creates a lift and separation in the tissue that compliments the compression of most manual therapies. Cupping can have a positive effect on circulation, fascia, joints, lymph, skin and muscle tissue, and can be incorporated into your regular massage or as a stand-alone treatment.  The marks left on the body after cupping are not bruises (which would be caused by impact or pressure) but where the blood has been drawn up through the tissue to the surface.  These marks will usually fade within 7 days.


Hot Stone Massage

A stand alone and sublimely relaxing treatment for the muscular-skeletal and central nervous systems.

The basalt stones used for hot stone massage are a type of volcanic rock that retains heat.  They are very smooth and feel divine when used in place of the therapist's hands.  Stones will be carefully placed on areas of the body to warm and release the muscles, while others are moved across the muscles similar to a hands-on massage.

The combination of these techniques results in deep blissful relaxation for the muscles and nerves.

A very popular treatment - especially in winter.